Detailed information about how to set up your theme


Astro Portfolio is a feature that was included in AstroTemplates plugin. So you can Enable or Disable it.

  • Go to Astro > Features.
  • Find Galleries feature.
  • Press Enable (or Disable) it.

Note: Whether you DISABLE it or not, the database for gallery will be not DELETED.

Adding a new Gallery

  • Log in WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Astro Galleries > Add new
  • Select Gallery style.
  • Add images and video link (from youtube or vimeo).
  • Select categories for Gallery.
  • Upload the Featured image for Gallery.
  • When you are ready, click Public.

Gallery theme options

  • Go toAstro > Theme options > Extensions > Galleries.
  • Include the options help you custom layout for gallery page.