Detailed information about how to set up your theme


Astro Portfolio is a feature that was included in AstroTemplates plugin. So you can Enable or Disable it.

  • Go to Astro > Features.
  • Find Portfolio feature.
  • Press Enable (or Disable) it.

Note: Whether you DISABLE it or not, the database for portfolio will be not DELETED.

Managed the categories

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Astro Portfolios > Categories.
  • You can ADD the categories like categories of Post.

Adding portfolio

  • Go to Astro Portfolios > Add new.
  • Enter your page title in the upper field (as Portfolio).
  • Use WPBakery Page Builder for editor the content.
  • Upload the portfolio thumbnail.
  • Select the categories and tags
  • When you are ready, please click Public|Update.

Portfolio theme options

Project11 use theme options as global datas for Portfolio page.

  • Go to Astro > Theme options > Extensions > Portfolio.
  • You can change Layout, Limit item of page, etc.

Portfolio shortcode

  • Create a page.
  • UseWPBakery Page Builder for editor.
  • Add the portfolio shortcode: 
  • Custom the shortcode: 
    1. Styling — Include 5 styles for portfolio.
    2. Columns number.
    3. Layout — it’s a string of number from 1 to 4 (ex: “3,1,1,2,4,4”) with: [1] Normal portfolio size, [2] Double width, [3] Double Height, [4] Double Width and Height.
    4. Offset.
    5. Per Page.
    6. Filters — Show the filter bar|Show the title|Show the categories.
    7. Tab style — Default|Underline hovering|Shadow style.